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Professional Grooming

Grooming services for dogs and cats are offered by our Master Groomer Deb Longstreth. Deb has over 40 years of experience and is confident grooming all animals large and small. We are able to sedate animals for grooming if necessary, but this is always a last resort and Deb is usually able to avoid this.


Grooming costs depend on the size of the animal and the length of the coat, but rough estimates are given below:


  • Small dog (<10lbs):
    • Short Hair - $25-35
    • Long Hair - $36-46
  • Medium dog (11-50lbs):
    • Short Hair - $26-45
    • Long Hair - $46-65
  • Large dog (55-80lbs): 
    • Short Hair - $50-65
    • Long Hair - $65-85
  • X Large Dog (>85lbs):
    • Short Hair - $66-76
    • Long Hair - $85-200
  • Cats:
    • Short Hair - $50
    • Long Hair - $50-75


*All rates are subject to change depending on coat condition and animal behavior. Sedation may be needed in extreme cases which will incur an additional fee.


Deb books out quickly, so we recommend scheduling your grooming appointment two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.